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Josh Poole – Atlanta Risk Management and Assisted Living Facilities

Georgia business professional Josh Poole offers his expertise to several businesses in Atlanta. As a consultant recruiter for Atlanta’s ALFsource, Josh Poole understands the intricacies of managing assisted living communities (ALFs) and the importance of risk management when operating such communities.

As with any business, there are elements of risk associated with ALFs. ALFs may be subject to legal claims from governmental agencies. To reduce the chance of these problems, companies should pay attention to changes in the law and monitor all aspects of the community.

An important area where diligent risk management can assist is with third parties hired by residents. These individuals may help with laundry, shopping, food preparation, and housekeeping, but ALFs’ owners may be culpable for their actions. To limit exposure, the ALF should establish ground rules describing their duties and explaining the extent of their services. Moreover, residency agreements should include a clause saying that the resident will “indemnify and hold harmless” the ALF for actions committed by their third party.

Marketing also comes with aspects of risk. With federal laws such as the Fair Housing Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act as well as state laws, ALFs must take special care with how they present themselves to potential clients. The legal department should review all material to ensure that the wording remains accurate and does not use hyperbole or vague descriptions that can become the basis for a lawsuit.

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